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Burakudo members have been part of Scottish karate alliance national team since 2003 at international events we have won 4 world titles, ladies 36years + Portugal 2010, boys 15-17 Brazil 2010 junior 18-20 Serbia 2012, girls 15-17 team Serbia 2012

We have won many Scottish titles as well as British titles and British and Irish open events. We host 7 events in Scotland every year including an international open at Ayr in November.

Club Information

The Burakudo karate club started in 1993 @ Muirhead Activity Centre and now has classes 6 nights a week plus Saturday and Sunday day time for all ages and abilities members can attend any class on any day of the week. Fees are £3 for adults and £2.50p for children and you pay only if you attend.

We are members of Nakmas Governing Body and World Union of Karate –do Federations .

The Club Instructor is Sensei Bill Hair ,5th Dan .Bill is an International karate referee who has been practising karate since 1978.

Members can attend classes to keep fit ,to learn self defence ,to achieve a black belt ( this takes a minimum of 3 years ) to improve their confidence ,to lose weight or just to meet people and have fun .

We also practise competition karate and our members have won over 100 medals in the last 5 years including 4 world titles